Top tips to keep organised

2nd December 2015
The academic year is well underway and lecturers are throwing assignments, books and exam dates at you left, right and centre….


shockedface I’m in my final year, What do I do next?

24th November 2015
Christmas is springing upon us, assignments are getting on top of us, and you only have 6 months left at University….


928193-alcohol-campaign It’s time to stop student binge drinking

7th October 2015
We all know students drink to the motto: Work hard and party harder….


freshers_uv10 Quick tips for Fresher’s week

25th September 2015
With Freshers week just around the corner, here’s 10 quick tips we learnt during our first year at Uni….


sunset spyingI miss Uni because…

19th August 2015
1. Naps. That feeling of revising for hours and hours or getting back from a late lecture….



11897059_10153263214629864_1160542946_nChelsea Dixon: Interview “The only party I was having was crying into my gin and tonic at 3am”

14th August 2015

Chelsea Dixon is a 21 year old fashion lover who has just graduated with a 2:1 degree in Fashion and Image-Making at The University of Salford….