Our top 5 Christmas Adverts

It’s November and the Christmas adverts have started appearing on our screens ready for the upcoming season. Here are our favourites to get you in the Festive spirit.

1. John Lewis -#ManOnTheMoon

Screenshot 2015-11-10 00.04.00

John Lewis have teamed up with Age UK to bring this emotional and heart warming advert.

The plot: A lonely old man who lives on the moon dreams of having a family Christmas. A little girl in the neighbourhood spots him through a telescope and and tries to send him a Christmas gift.

After many attempts, the man receives a bright and wonderful gift that was handpicked at the store, John Lewis.

The Message: Give someone a gift and make their Christmas special.

Watch the advert here

3. Sainsbury’s -#MogTheCat

Screenshot 2015-11-19 00.25.17

The plot: Mog the cat is having a nightmare of a Christmas. The turkey burns, the house sets on fire and everything is falling to pieces. The house is destroyed and Christmas is ruined. Until, joyous neighbours and scrumptious food arrive at their doorstep. The neighbours have saved Christmas and gather their feast to their house.

The message: Christmas is for sharing

Watch the advert here 

2. ASDA -#BecauseItsChristmas

Screenshot 2015-11-09 23.56.23

The plot: From dressing up the tree to eating the roast turkey, all the things you need are available here at ASDA, for you to have that perfect Christmas.

The message: To have a fun and exciting christmas, buy all your items at ASDA.

Watch the advert here

4.  M&S -#TheArtOfChristmas

Screenshot 2015-11-19 00.31.35

M&S are known for their high quality food and clothing, and this advert implies the element of beauty and skill that has gone into their products.

The plot: The art of making an entrance, the art of noise when children are playing with their toys and the art of surprise when you give gifts people wouldn’t expect

The message: There is an Art to EVERYTHING at Christmas

Watch it here

5. Spanish lottery advert

Screenshot 2015-11-19 00.27.24

Using cartoon, music and no dialogue, an emotional and touching advert is created.

The plot: A lonely man uses mannequins as his friends, until one day he wins the lottery and has lots of friends, support and happiness.

Watch the advert here 

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