Top tips to keep organised 

The academic year is well underway and lecturers are throwing assignments, books and exam dates at you left, right and centre. With so much to do but so little time, it may seem like an impossible task. But the key to surviving is to remain calm, positive and organised. 

Here are some useful tips on how to stay organised this academic year.

  1. Keep everything tidy

    Get rid of those items that take up too much space, or the ones you never use. Keep your bedroom and your desk tidy, this will help keep your mind more organised and will help you find those important notes when you need them.

  2. Keep a diary and a year planner

    I recently bought a cheap mid-year diary and a calendar from Amazon. Or you can purchase similar ones at WHSmith and Paperchase.

    This Calendar from Amazon is only £1.99! It comes with a whiteboard pen and some colourful stickers.
    This diary from Amazon is only £1.33 compared to high-street retailers WHSmith and Paperchase at prices such as £5-£10.


    If neither of these work for you, try using your smartphone as an organiser. The calendar app allows you to create events and the notes app is a great way to make a list of your daily ‘to do’s.

  3. Set deadlines

    First of all, start by making a list of your major deadlines (assignments, presentations, dissertation) and then set yourself mini deadlines for the big deadlines.

    For example, say your dissertation is due in May 2016.
    Set yourself deadlines for the different parts of your dissertation such as the literature review and methodology. This way your time will be organised, you’ll get more tasks completed and you’ll have no worries about handing in your dissertation late!

  4. Prioritise

    Prioritising is a way of putting the ‘must-do’s’ to the top of your to do pile, so that the important things are done first. So instead of starting with your hobbies, start by carrying out the things that you NEED to do first. Then when you have spare time, you’ll be able to have more fun doing the things you enjoy, rather than worrying that you should be doing something else!

  5. Take time out

    Taking time out from studying will help relax your mind and body, and will prepare you to work more efficiently and quickly. It will also leave you feeling less stressed and happier. Can’t think of ways to take time out? Perhaps cook a meal, go to the gym or go on a coffee date!

  6. Make more decisions

    Everyone finds it hard to make decisions. Possibly due to the fact that decisions may lead to good or bad consequences? Life is full of making decisions and they have to be made, therefore making a decision will help you progress and you will feel more in control of the situation.

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