It’s time to stop student binge drinking 

We all know students drink to the motto: Work hard and party harder.

It’s mid-week, it’s student night, and you’re choosing the outfit you’re gonna rock up in tonight.  You know the feeling. But why are you really going out?

Is it to have a good time?

Or is it to get smashed?

If you’re a student and you’re reading this then you know the main reason you go on a night out is to “get smashed”. From drinking games to shit mix (drinks mixed together), the aim of the game before you even start drinking, is to get drunk.

Many students feel the need to drink in order to have a good time and many drink due to peer pressure. But are you forgetting the physical harm and regretful decisions that this can cause? Do you find it fun being hungover? Throwing up outside a club? Being kicked out? Being groped by random strangers?

There are more things to life than binge drinking.

We know that 50p drinks and cheap student night deals make it easy for you to go get drunk, but try to drink less alcohol,  or have social nights that don’t include drinking such as bowling or working out. You’ll enjoy it more than you think and won’t wake up with that dreaded hangover!

Imagine going shopping during the day and seeing a man staggering drunk in the street, is this amusing? Because that’s you… but at night time. Next time you find yourself on a night out, ask yourself, why are you there? If it’s to have fun, then great… But if it’s to get smashed, then go home.

When at a social, attempt to NOT play drinking games, and see how the atmosphere and vibe changes. You may actually find out something interesting about the new person on your sports team, rather than how many times they’ve been kicked out of a club.

Try alcohol alternatives such as Scholer which have fewer calories and taste just as delicious.

Other ways to relax instead of drinking:

A relaxing bath

Going for a swim

Talking to a close friend

Starting a new hobby

Joining the gym.

For advice and guidance about drinking contact Drinkline on 0300 123 1110.

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