Name: Hannah

Roles: Fitness/Entertainment editor, Facebook Manager

Studies: Advertising with Digital Photography at Chester University

Hobbies: Reading, writing, taking photos, hanging out, drinking wine and fitness.

Favourite music: A variety – House, Alternative Rock, 80’s

Favourite TV series: Dexter, The Walking Dead

Something interesting about me: I play football… Badly


Name: Liana

Roles: Career Editor, Twitter Manager

Studies: Journalism BA(Hons) graduate from University of Chester

Hobbies: I love to swim whenever I get the chance, I enjoy travelling, I love reading; whether its a book, magazine or reading the news online, writing for this magazine has become my number one priority and I’m enjoying every second of it. I also have my own blog which I enjoy writing as regularly as I can. I love meeting new people and socialising whenever I can. I mean, who doesn’t? I also love listening to music and going to concerts.

Favourite music: I don’t have a particular style I go for, I like a number of genres such as: R&B, Pop, Rock, Rap, the cheesy 90’s, Indie, a bit of Jazz (Michael Buble is amazing) and many others…

Favourite TV series: Well my favourite TV Series right now is definitely New Girl, but my all time favourite TV Show has to be Friends…


Name: Kimberley

Roles: Beauty editor

Studies: 3rd Year Undergraduate BA (Hons) Business Management Student at the University of Chester

Hobbies: Blogging, Reading, Listening to Music, Volunteering, Planning (especially wedding planning)

Favourite Music: Rock Music (all different types), plus the classics from when I was younger. Still a lover of S Club 7 and Backstreet Boys.

Favourite TV series: I have so many to choose from, absolutely loving Pretty Little Liars, Orange is the New Black, Sons of Anarchy and the classic Sex and the City.

Favourite Make Up item: My Clinique lash doubling mascara and Clinique different lipstick in Glazed Berry. Perfect item to slip into your handbag whilst you’re shopping or going out for cocktails with your friends.

Something interesting about me: Well, there isn’t much to say, but I am actually getting married in March 2016, so my life is revolving around weddings and decorators right now.


Name: Helen

Role: Travel editor

Studies: French and German at Lancaster University

Hobbies: Horse riding (read: trying not to fall off), buggering off abroad as much as possible, learning new languages, eating copious amounts of macaroons, going to the theatre, blogging over at

Favourite music: I am slightly – well, very – obsessed with Nate Ruess and the band fun. Other artists that tickle my fancy are First Aid Kit, Of Monsters and Men, Milky Chance, Mumford & Sons and George Ezra.

Favourite TV series: Scrubs – Elliot is my spirit animal

Something interesting about me: I have a phobia of gorillas!!

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