Degusta box – August Review

  1. Scheckter’s Energy Drink

    One of the first items that grabbed my attention was this organic energy drink. I remember the times when I was obsessed with Redbull and Monster and the feeling that an energy drink gave me. However, a Monster drink has 11 grams of sugar and a Redbull has 27 grams of sugar.


In this organic energy drink, all the ingredients are natural. It contains 80mg of Caffein which is the same as a cup of coffee! It has 10 grams of sugar therefore is a healthier alternative to a Redbull, and will give you the same kick.

2. Life Tonics Orange Coconut Water


I had high hopes for this as I am a massive water drinker. However, the coconut flavour wasn’t to my taste!

3. The Primal Pantry

– Apple & Pecan Raw Peleo Bar
-Hazelnut & Cocoa Raw Peleo Bar


When you’re eating these, you know you’re eating healthier. I liked the Apple & Pecan flavour, however I don’t eat nuts therefore was unable to try the other bar. It would be good if Degustabox had a preferences section as to what foods you like/dislike.

4. RYVITA Cracker Black Pepper

KALLO Milk Chocolate with Caramel Rice cakes

SESAMI crispbread


I REALLY like these! The packaging suggests you eat them with cheese, chutney and chicken, and they taste delicious!

5. PiCK UP! Dark Chocolate

Bahlsen Choco Leibniz White Chocolate Cocoa Biscuit


I tried the PiCK UP! Dark chocolate first and I absolutely loved them! And then I tried the Choco Leibiz… And I loved them EVEN MORE!

6. Walkers Shortbread and Cookies

You get 2x Shortbread and 2x cookies which come in these cute little Walkers packets. One word to describe these… is delicious! I couldn’t resist opening them on the day of delivery, they’re a perfect little treat!


7. Tomato & Chilli Sauce

I’ve not yet tried this sauce but mixing tomato and chilli seems like an interesting combination so I look forward to trying this with the pasta.


8. Penne Pasta

This pasta and sauce will make the perfect snack or will make an evening meal some cooked chicken and cheese.


9. Peach slices with vanilla yoghurt melts

I haven’t yet tried these but I love having yoghurt with fruit so I will most probably love these!

Screen Shot 2015-09-04 at 14.31.58

Final thoughts: At only £6.49 for my first Degustabox, I am very impressed with how many items you get! I got over 10 items and a variety of products that I wouldn’t have purchased myself. I thoroughly enjoyed trying them and will definitely be continuing with my membership! Sign up to Degustabox at

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