How many life milestones have you reached? 

Whilst reading September’s issue of Cosmoplitan magazine, I came across this list of life’s milestones which Jameela Jamil found online. The milestones are based on a study of 2,000 adults aged 16-65 which questions their life experiences, wisdom and regrets. The milestones were found to be part of the norm and are pressured by society and by individuals themselves.

First kiss: 15

First full-time job: 20

Pass driving test: 20

First holiday with friends: 20

Buy first car: 22

First holiday with a partner: 23

Be a bridesmaid: 23

Rent on your own: 24

Get engaged: 25

Rent with a partner: 25

Get married: 27

Buy first flat: 27

Have first child: 28

Buy first house: 29

Don’t worry if you’re over 20 and still haven’t passed your driving test or if you’re fella hasn’t popped the question by the time you’re 30. Some of us don’t feel the ‘need’ to accomplish certain things, or we wait for a certain point in our lives. Every person’s life is unique, therefore every person’s milestones are unique too.

Do you have your own mile stones? Let us know below!

17 thoughts on “How many life milestones have you reached? 

  1. i really don’t believe in milestones myself…for me you can be 70 and entering university for the first time, it is a great achievement in itself whatever you may be


  2. After read the milestones you write, mostly before 24 years old milestone I have done it already except buying car and rent on own. It was really fun to record own milestones, is like set a target to ourselves!


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