Is Monogamy realistic? 

“A lot of people sleep walk into a long-term relationship and don’t really want to”

– Helen Croydon

This topic has always been one for discussion. New movie Trainwreck is now in cinemas and stars Amy Schumer as a full-time party girl who is afraid of committing to relationships and questions whether Monogamy is real.

Journalist Helen Croydon says:

“I could never be in a Monogamous relationship.”

She says that we have been brought up in a society where being monogamous is something “we had to do” in order to carry on cultural heritage and wealth. However, in Modern Society, it is totally different as we are more independent and raises the question:

Can we live with someone, be with someone and do everything with them 24/7? 

She also states that it has been proven that affairs do happen in all cultures.

An interesting fact that she brings to light is, when you first meet someone, your body is filled with dopemine which involves becoming flustered and perhaps…losing your keys. But later on, your body becomes filled with Oxytocin which results in becoming attached and obsessed with that person.

It could be argued that there are so many great people in this world, so how can you only love one?

Anne Atkins, Parenting expert, agrees with most of this and says:

“We should never feel being single is second best. It’s not.”

She believes that we should celebrate being single as it is a great thing. However, says that she has been with her husband for 30 years and that Monogamy works for most people, but does agree it might not suit everyone.

“The majority of people who embark in a Monogamous relationship, succeed in it”

-Anne Atkins

She says that it is one of the most accepted and popular ideals throughout history and culture.

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