Chelsea Dixon – “The only party l was having was crying into my gin and tonic at 3am”

Chelsea Dixon is a 21 year old fashion lover who has just graduated with a 2:1 degree in Fashion and Image-Making at The University of Salford. She is one to enjoy the finer things in life, and after going through a tough interview process she has landed herself a job at Selfridges! With many other graduates still looking for a job, Chelsea gives us students a spoonful of hope after leaving University…


Q: So you’ve just graduated with a 2:1 degree in Fashion and Image Making. Congratulations!

A: Thank you! In my second year I spent six weeks interning with the Visual Merchandising team for American Apparel in London. This made me realize how much I love fashion and retail, and that all the knowledge I gained about brands and designers on my course would really assist me when it came to building a career in fashion, especially luxury retail.

Q: You must be so pleased to get a job this close within graduating, because most students will be struggling for months! Is this a position you see yourself progressing into or do you have bigger dreams?

I am, I’ve heard so many stories of successful and intelligent graduates who find it difficult to find work after a degree. I am very thankful for my degree but with sincerity I do not believe it is the only way that you can succeed, work experience is crucial in the fashion industry just as it is in any industry. Unfortunately, some universities don’t prepare graduates or undergraduates efficiently in that aspect which can lead to huge disappointment when you have graduated but I really do believe a degree still has great value!


Q: We know you like make up, which is your fave brand and why?

A: Argh!! This is hard. I am very loyal to MAC lipsticks as they are the best quality. However, I do wish I would spend more money on Benefit Cosmetics, Urban Decay and Too Faced or Illamasqua. So I would say MAC because of the cute limited edition products they do.

Q: Who is your celebrity icon and why?

A: Oh Gosh! I love celebrities haha. I’ll probably just go for the obvious who I really love, Rihanna! But… (don’t kill me) I am currently obsessed with Kylie Jenner.

Q: At uni you was very studious and worked hard for your degree, does this mean you can now take a break from work and hit the clubs more often?

A: YES, haha! I have probably done uni so wrong, the only party I was having was crying into my gin and tonic at 3am in my third year whilst doing coursework! Haha! Yes too much study is definitely not good, but doing too little isn’t either. A happy medium is very wise!


Q: Have you ever thought about travelling?

Definitely, I wish I could stop spending money on clothes and save up to travel, I love the USA and american culture. I am a massive movie geek and I would love to go and see the walk of fame and all of that touristy stuff… haha! Plus I can imagine the junk food and chocolate over there would be so amazing!

Q: What do you do in your spare time?

A: I love to go out whether it be on the town, socialising, shopping (mostly), reading, I am an obsessive magazine addict…. I love listening to music all the time, I love to draw, collaging, and playing with my Westie Lampard! Oh yes, and anything that involves prosecco and champagne (If I’m Lucky!)

Q: What is your fave film, book and magazine right now?

A: I’d say the new live action Cinderella movie, I’m a massive disney geek plus the costumes in the film are amazing! I’m reading a book now called ‘Mile High’ by Rebecca Chance, I love it! You will too if you like “trashy”, celebrity-based fictional tales. My favourite magazine for fashion is Nylon because it’s really fun and high end at the same time, but my weekly faves are Cosmopolitan, Heat, Look, and all those gossip mags!

Q: Any tips for recent graduates on how to find a job?

A: I think a great CV is really important, nothing too flashy but something quite short and informative, not a whole essay! Something that will make you stand out against other candidates, listing your skills and attributes and work experience and just whatever other involvements you have done, in other words straight to the point… and punchy.  If you are invited for an interview, this is a great achievement on it’s own and the more you are invited to the more confident you will get in your own value and self-worth. I think one of the key things is to to stay positive, and to think about how far you have come and what you have achieved and if you can’t find work straight away, look at it like it wasn’t meant to be and that you are destined for something bigger and better! Being able to deal with rejection is a must and will get easier in time.

We wish you all the luck at your new job!

Follow Chelsea on Twitter @ChelseaAmelia36 and check out her new fashion blog

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