How to become a morning person

Fed up of snoozing that alarm?
Want to wake up feeling energetic and ready to take on the day?

We all know the feeling of wanting to hit the alarm clock and have “just 5 more minutes.” But that feeling of having missed breakfast, missing the morning sunrise or feeling like youve wasted a crucial part of the day has got to be enough motivation to wake up earlier. Getting up earlier also means getting more things done which in the long run means more success.

Follow these tips to see if you too can become a morning person.

1. Start gradually 

If you’re aiming to wake up at 8am but usually wake around 9am, set your alarm to 8.45 for the first day and minus 15 minutes until you reach your desired get up time.

Use this strategy when going to bed aswell. Aim to go to bed around 10 o clock. If you usually hit the pillow at 11pm, start with 10.45pm and minus 15 minutes each night.

Try to allow 7-9 hours of good sleep.

2. Get more sleep

It’s simple, if you go to bed at 1am, you’re going to struggle to wake up at 6am. Aim for 7-9 hours sleep a night and switch off all electronics at least 30 minutes before you aim to go to sleep. Keeping your phone away from the bed will also mean you will have to get up in order to switch it back on in the morning! Avoiding late night TV and chatting on social media sites, this will put your body in more of a sleep mode. Instead, relax with a book in bed and read a few chapters.

3. Have a reason to get up

Whether it’s to fit in an exercise routine, having more time for breakfast before work, or to take the dog for a walk. Coming up with a list of reasons of why to get up early is a great way to motivate your mind. Follow our guide below to see how you can keep on top of the activities you do which are accomplished by getting up earlier.

4. Have a healthy breakfast 

Have some granola, greek yoghurt and fruit, make yourself a banana protein pancake or have an ice cold smoothie! Having a healthy breakfast will make you feel more energetic and less sluggish. Have a morning coffee if you’re in need of that extra kick to feel awake!

5. Do something active 

You’re not going to feel awake if you hop straight from your bed to the couch and sit infront of the TV. Throw your gym clothes, go on a hike or take the dog for a morning walk.

6. Or relaxing

Wake up and have a bath with inscented candles, read a chapter of your book, wake up to the sound of music on your radio alarm clock… Doing something productive to start your day will motivate your mind and body to kick start your day!

7. Reward yourself

After a week of getting up earlier, reward yourself with a coffee at your favourite cafe, a new book or some new make up or aftershave!

8. Create a chart of your progress

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