10 things our editors aim to achieve

We all make New Year’s Resolutions at the start of the year, however most of us don’t end up sticking to them. Why not put together a new list right now and see how many you can accomplish before the year comes to an end?

Our editors have put together a list of 10 things they want to achieve by the end of the year.

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Hannah’s list

1. Improve my health

I recently had an assessment at the gym and was told my body is performing as a 36 year old. Obviously this isn’t majorly bad, but it isn’t great either. I’m therefore aiming to go the gym at least 4 times a week, and to only drink alcohol once a week!

2. Put myself first

Enough said.

3. Save money

This summer I’ve learnt what it’s like to be majorly skint and it’s not pleasant! I want to save money so that I can spend it on more valuable things.

4. Stop worrying about little things

I think this is something we all do. Someone may have said something and it will play on your mind for hours, days. I aim to forget about these “little things” and move on.

5. Be more self-motivated

Sometimes its other people around me who motivate me to do things, such as my mum. I want to be able to motivate myself more.

6. Get a part-time job

7. Take risks

Sometimes worrying about little things will stop me from taking risks, which I may live to regret. I therefore aim to take more risks even if it means making mistakes.

8. Stop binge-drinking

With being a student, I usually go out with the mindset to “get pissed” rather than to have a good time. Instead, I aim to go out to have a SMASHING time (Rather than to get smashed).

9. Get a tattoo

I’ve wanted a tattoo for absolutely ages, but I’ve never known what to get! I’ve decided I want a small camera/lens on the back of my neck as I study photography and I love photos.

10. Pass my driving test

 Two years ago, I took my driving test twice and failed both times. I would ideally like to pass my driving test before I finish university as my dad’s promised me a Mini…

loveyourself tattly_jason_santa_maria_aperture_web_applied_01_grande

Liana’s list

1. I am aiming to achieve my driving licence by October.

2. I am hoping to apply for my masters in Journalism starting next year.

3. I plan to start running to get fit instead of wasting my money on a gym membership. It doesn’t really work for me.

4. I plan to regularly study the news in the perspective of a journalist reporter, to get a more professional outlook on what’s going on in the world.

5. I plan to keep saving my money, so that I can treat myself and my friends from time to time.

6. I will be going to London for my birthday to watch a West End show for the first time in years. Any suggestions are welcome.

7. I plan to keep working on fabulous articles for this fabulous website.

8. As I don’t usually explore my tastebuds, I have decided to explore gourmet from different cultures.

9. To experience the world is essential to me. It’s time to travel, while I still can.

10. And lastly, I want to make the most of the free time I have right now by spending more time with my friends and family


Helen’s list

1. Curb my Percy Pig addiction

2. Attend Salzburg’s Christmas market

3. Read as many books on this list as possible: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/books/4248401/100-novels-everyone-should-read.html

4. See The Book of Mormon before it closes

5. Stop procrastinating with uni essays

6. Visit Neuschwanstein Castle

7. Blog more!

8. Apply for some awesome grad schemes

9. Stop splurging at Paperchase before I go broke

10. Get a part-time job at uni



Kim’s list

1. Put my deposit down on my Wedding Dress

It’s nearly 7 months to my wedding day and one of my main missions is sort my wedding dress out, I have tried so many dresses and I have managed to shorten it to two dresses (which I am going to try on again on Saturday hopefully), so it’s important for me to actually get it booked and get the deposit down by October.

2. Build more self confidence

I can express my opinions fine, but I do lack in self-confidence and I think it’s important for me to feel good about myself, especially in time for my wedding day when the spotlight is on Adam and I for a whole day.

3. Eat Healthier

I love salads and healthy food options, but I find it difficult to eat it around people who won’t eat the same as me, so when I am back at University, it is one thing I WILL do.

4. Join the gym

I used to go to the gym and I loved it, such a great stress reliever and I keep saying that I will join the gym, but this time I have a goal (again more wedding talk) and I want to be able to be fit and healthy by then.

5. Post a total of 20 blog posts

I love writing and sometimes it does feel good to express yourself in situations that you love. I’m already a quarter of the way there, so hopefully I will be able to complete this in the next few months.

6. Go Bronde

Time to try a new hair colour, and I’m just kinda excited to try it, especially with how great it has been looking on people. I have always wanted a happy medium, fingers crossed its works out.

7. Start looking for options after University

I love being in education, but I am also ready to work, so I want to spend the rest of this year looking at what I want to do with my life, whether to go for a masters, or complete my AAT or just go straight into a job or internship. But it is exciting to see my options.

8. Make sure I see Mockingjay part 2 the moment it comes out

I am a huge Hunger Games fan, I loved the books, I love the films and it’s a film that I will go and see the moment it hits the cinemas on November 20th (I think).

9. Be more vocal

I am quite a quiet person, it can be a good thing and a bad thing. I just want to be able to be more involved, especially in my lectures and be able to express my opinions without worrying about what other people have to say, at the end of the day it is my opinions.

10. Learn something new

I don’t know what I want to learn, but I’d like to learn something new, whether it is a sport or something to do with my course or something completely out of the blue, but it would do so good and motivating to do so.

bronde young-wedding

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