How to survive your party holiday

1. Budget yourself

If you’re on a party holiday, you probably don’t have hundreds to spend. Budget yourself to 30 euros a day to spend on food and going out. (This excludes excursions, water sports or clothes). Having a daily budget will mean you won’t spend all your money within the first few days. Nobody wants to have to stay in because they’re skint!

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2. Find those ticket deals

The PR’s outside clubs are annoying, but they offer you more drinks for your money than buying them individually. Most clubs charge 5 to 15 euros and give you a drinks ticket with multiple drinks, shots and jugs to use at the club. These are valid for multiple days so you can even go back the next night…

3. Pre-drink

If you’re on a party holiday anywhere such as Zante or Maga, one of your top priorities will be to “get on it”. However, its easy to be targeted by the hundreds of PR’s outside clubs who will persuade you to spend your euros in ther club.

Instead, buy a bottle of alcohol from a supermarket and have a few drinks before you go out. This will put you in that party mood and have you avoid spending more than you need to on a night out!

Another tip is to take only cash out, when you’re feeling tipsy it’s hard to resist the temptation of buying everyone a drink on your card… This way you can’t!

4. Find the cheapest supermarket

Those round the corner super markets that are inches away from your hotel tend to be the most expensive due to the amount of tourists. They tend to sell souvenirs and everything is over priced therefore will leave you with nothing left in pocket. If self-catered, find the nearest aldi or Iceland to get your groceries and alcohol from, you’ll then be able to spend more money on fun things such as excursions or eating out.

5. It is okay to stay in one night

A week or two of partying may be fun but it isn’t healthy therefore taking a night off and going for some good grub or to the gym instead will be both enjoyable and cheaper.

6. Stay hydrated

Constant partying, little sleep, and the red hot sun – It will be easy to become run down. Try drink as much water as you can and aim to drink atleast two pints before you go to bed, this will reduce that pounding hangover you may have when you wake up!

7. Be active

After a night out partying, a day in bed recovering may seem like the easiest option. But going for a walk, a swim, renting quadbike, or for the thrill-seekers – go paraglying! It may even clear that hangover!

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