Everyone is Unique!!!!

Those 3 words is something everyone needs to consider. Everyone has a style and an opinion, but some people need to consider what they are going to say before they say it.

Beauty and fashion is very high maintenance and the pressure of everyone looking good to a particular standard is soo exhausting. Yes, I am a beauty editor and yes I love my make-up and brands, but sometimes I feel like the pressure some people on social media put towards young women in particular is so heavy.

My personal goal as a beauty blogger is to help young people develop themselves into who they want to be, believe me I have gone through some phases and some people might not expect me to write about beauty and fashion. I want to do this by giving tips and advice that can help everyone develop and learn something new.

But you know what, you should never always listen to other people and literally should not judge people based on how they look, or what clothes they have on their back, because at the end of the day you don’t know who they are as a person, your looks are sometimes based on your personality. Like I could sit here all day and talk about all of my imperfections, but I have my own unique style and look and there will be some people out there that will disagree with my style.

As a plus size woman, I have my own insecurities and need to find a way for myself to feel comfortable about myself. So I like wearing a lot of black, I wear scarfs like all the time, I personally feel like to feel comfortable in what I wear. I personally would not appreciate being outed on social media, even though I am confident in saying who I am.

But beauty is so different and it’s a way for everyone to express themselves in different ways no matter what shape you are or what your personal interests are.

So, for like food for thought, just please be considerate in what you are saying, because you may not think you are doing any harm, but it’s actually bullying and I would never post something negative about anyone, because I don’t think that its fair. An opinion is fine, like I will give my opinions on products, but just consider not everyone appreciates being criticised online.

The reason for this post is because I was just sat at home and I saw a tweet from Kylie Jenner expressing how awful it is for people to create rumours about yourself and it has got me thinking about the pressure and what it is like to be bullied. I know people who I am close to who have had nasty rumours spread about the way that they looked and I think that it is awful, it is not fair on anyone to be treated the way that they do.

We need to express our uniqueness, do what we need to do that make us happy and try to not be as critical as we have become!!!

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