Top 7 bars in Tenerife

During Summer I decided to jet off to Tenerife, Playa de Las Americas with a company called ‘Playaway Abroad’. Although I quit my job after one night, I decided to have a 3 week holiday instead. This resulted in me partying most nights visiting most of the bars on the strip. Here are my top 7 bars which I think you should pay a visit.

1. Oasis

Start the night off in Oasis whilst sitting at a glass table and having your very own PR bring your drinks to you. With fantastic drink deals including 4 drinks, 3 shots, and a pint of cocktail to share between you for only 10 euros each, you definitely won’t be breaking the bank! Oasis is a great place to have a natter and a giggle before hitting that dance floor.


2. Rumours

Dancing on bars, swinging round poles and having drinks poured down your neck sound like your kind of night? Then Rumours will suit you just right! A small and intimate bar just around the corner from the strip, this is the perfect bar to dance your socks off before hitting one of the clubs later on. This small size bar means you can arrange to meet friends there and not lose them later on in the night either. With 2 poles and a long bar to dance on, be prepared to get up there and lose your dignity.


3. Rags

After a party atmosphere and a clubbing experience? Then hit Rags between 3am and 6am and this place will be packed full of workers and tourists. With outside seating, a huge dancer floor, and poles to dance on… you couldn’t find a better club in Tenerife! Don’t forget to check out their 2 euro “juices” either… this includes juice, vodka, and water. But be careful, these may leave you wondering how you got home… So don’t have too many 😉


4. Papagayo Beach Club

With sophisticated decor and white luxurious furniture, this club suits those looking for a more up-market clubbing experience. With style, comes more expensive drinks prices, however still affordable at as little as 6 euro a cocktail! The club is spacious, comfortable and has beautiful scenery. Enjoy relaxing on a sun lounger with a Mojito in your hand whilst gazing at that beautiful sunset…


5. The Irish Rover

Take a scroll along Las Americas beach and head to San Eugenio where you’ll find this cosy Irish pub. From 9pm till midnight, the pub hosts karaoke, live music and tribute acts such as Amy Winehouse and Ronan Keating! This means you can enjoy a laugh with the whole family which is sure to keep you entertained for hours. There is Happy Hour which includes 2 for 1 drinks from as little as €3.50. So if you order 1 vodka and orange you will get 2 vodka and oranges! That is just over £2 in British pounds over here.

I didn’t taste the food but I couldn’t help but notice they serve breakfast until 6pm! English, Irish and Scottish breakfasts are cooked here which means you won’t be missing that home cooked food!


6. Sound Of Cream

Not only do I love the name of this bar, Sound Of Cream (Cream of Sound) but I love the busy atmosphere and party vibe. This is one of the best night clubs on Veronicas strip to have a boogie in. You’ve got the cheap drinks, club feel and a pole dancer for entertainment. However if you are wanting a seat, you probably won’t get one. But with the banging tunes and party vibe, who really wants to sit down in a place like this?

The only let down is the woman in the loos who gives you one sheet of toilet paper when going for a wee. Of course that’s no problem… if you only need a number one! However this does apply to most the clubs on the strip!


7. Sugareef

Similar to Sound of Cream, this is the place to dance the night away. With multiple poles to show off those moves, disco lights, and two terrace bars, you’ll never be short of a drink in your hand. The place is huge! And is always heaving with people… therefore you couldn’t ask for a better party atmosphere.


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