Nail Varnishes – The Ratings

So today I have decided to put 5 nail varnishes to the test. I owe like a hundred different nail varnishes and I am always spoilt for choice. So what I have done to help not only myself, but for people reading, if they are deciding to go out and buy a new nail varnish which one I felt is the best, especially for the price that you can pay  for some nail varnishes. I have chosen 5 random varnishes that I have in my collection, made sure they were still available (in case you guys want to buy them) and put them to the test.

I am actually a really fussy person when it comes to nail varnishes, I like to make sure my nails “pop”, I can’t be doing with nude colours all the time, even though I think it looks fabulous on some people, I love wearing colours that stand out, like right now as I am writing to you guys I have bright white nails.

There are different sections that I have looked at, that is the brush, the way it looks once I applied the varnish and how well it came off. I am scoring each section out of 5 (just cos it is easier) and then give an overall rating.


Nail Varnish Number 1: Rimmel Salon Pro Nail varnish in Ultra Violet

11717277_10205955164691109_1198446047_nAvailable in Boots for £4.49 and in a complete range of different colours. First thing I did was check what other people had to say about the nail varnish. There has been a wide range of feedback, but a lot of people have compared it to the previous design. I am looking at this as if it was my very first time using it.

I look at the bottle itself, I think it looks perfectly sleek, it is in perfect proportion, especially with the brush. Even though I own a significant amount of nail varnishes ranging from different brands to different prices, this is the first one that I brought that has a larger brush. I was amazed at how well it covered my nail, literally took me only a few strokes of the brush to apply my first and second coat. So, for the brush I give it a 4/5. It worked great on my nails, didn’t give me a reason to make a mistake on my nails, but if you have narrow nails, it might not work for you.

I am a very fussy person when it comes to applying nail varnish. Anyone who knows me knows that I love nail colour that pops and looks good from the very first coat, this particular varnish does just that. Looking at the first coat, you can see how well it applied and how well the colour actually stands out, this gives me such great confidence when applying the second coat. Applying the second coat really defines the colour. For the way it looks I give it another 4/5. The overall look is amazing, has such a great shine, great for any occasion.

Ok, so if you’re like me, you want to make sure that once the colour is on and you’re ready to either apply the colour again or have a change, you want to make sure that you can get all the varnish off and it not leave any horrible stain on your nails. During this post I used a cheap Wilko’s Nail Varnish Remover to test how well it comes off. And you’re in luck girls, this varnish comes off as a treat, looking at the picture you can see it didn’t really take much effort. For this gets a perfect 5/5. It is such a good feeling knowing that if you using a cheap nail varnish remover you are still going to be able to get all of the colour off.

This Varnish gets an overall score of 4.3/5.

Nail Varnish Number 2: Nails Inc. London in Tate

11717133_10205955164211097_1784611338_nAvailable in Boots for £11 and also in a complete range of different colours. When looking online, there wasn’t any reviews on the nail varnish, so just going off completely what I think of the nail varnish.

Just by looking at the bottle, again it looks so sleek it looks the price that you will pay. This is the most expensive bottle that this post is looking at. So, as a blank cover, this bottle looks like it is going to be a good product. Next point of order, the brush. Once you have opened the bottle you can see that it is quite a normal brush, actually I find it quite thin, but again this is good if you have narrow nails, but it does mean that you are taking more time applying your two coats. For this I give a 3/5 for the brush.

In the picture, you can see the first coast and the second coat, amazingly there isn’t that much difference, this is the type of nail varnish that could be perfectly acceptable if you only apply one coat, because of the amount of colour definition there is. However, the second coat makes the colour significantly different from the colour that you can see in the bottle and in my own opinion I find that applying the second coat does not justify the product. But once the colour has dried it does feel and look professionally well done. I feel that this is a colour that really only needs one coat. For this I give the colour and the finish a 4/5.

This the unfortunate downside of this varnish and a lot of red in general is getting the colour off and making sure that your finger and nail does not stain. The picture does not do the varnish and the price justice, but you can see the colour didn’t come off very easy, which is such a disappointment, however if I was to spend a little extra on a decent nail varnish remover, the result may have been very different. Due to this I only give the removal a 2/5.

This Varnish gets an overall score of 3/5.

Nail Varnish Number 3: Bourjois Mini nail Polish in Techno Bar a Tokyo (Shade 40)

11719888_10205955164051093_2064830693_nAvailable at for £1.99, but is also available in gift sets (that’s where I got mine in). This bottle is a complete little cutie. It is the smallest bottle that I am reviewing and it’s absolutely great that this bottle is available on its own. I actually received this nail varnish in a set of 4 varnishes all of which are very different, off the top of my head there was a pink one, a clear glitter one and I think there was a red shade as well, so there is a range.

With the shape and design of the bottle, it would be great to take with you if you are going away for the weekend or on holiday and you fancy painting your nails. The brush is in perfect proportion as well with the bottle. The brush applies the varnish on very well. As you can see on the picture I was easily able to brush the varnish one. I give the brush a 4/5.

This nail varnish does require you to apply a second coat, as you can see you actually get a good coverage on the first coat, but to make sure that you get the best out of the varnish the second coat ensures that you get the colour that you see on the bottle. It was a smooth process, it applied really well and actually dried really well. This little bottle really does the brand justice. I give the application and the look 4/5.

Again, this little beauty did me proud! The removal test can make or break a nail varnish, and for this varnish it really made it. I really didn’t have to put much effort on removing this nail varnish, especially as it is quite a dark colour and having glitter on as well. Couldn’t really complain! I give the removal a 4/5.

Overall this Nail Varnish Receives a 4/5.


Nail Varnish Number 4: Revlon Nail Art (Neon) in Ultra Violet

11655555_10205955163971091_840535172_nAvailable in Superdrug for £7.99 and available in a different range of varnishes, from different colours to different textures like Matte and glitter. When I first saw the nail varnish, I thought it would have been a quite different and unique, especially as it is a double nail varnish. The style of the bottle made me think that it would be easy to use to get that neon look. The brushes are standard, but it was much more difficult to use as you are technically holding a bottle of nail varnish at the same time of you applying the varnish. This really did weigh heavy and I felt did affect the smoothness of applying the nail varnish. For the brush I give 2/5 as I feel there is so much more could be done to improve the process, especially the feel of applying the varnish.

The actually applying process does seem easy on paper, you apply the white first and then you apply two costs of the purple varnish to create the neon look. Well I simply did not agree. Because I was working with two different brushes, I had to make sure that I was able to cover all of the white to give that neon look and having to apply two coats on top of two coats, really did make it time consuming and at the end of it all I felt that I really did not get the look that I really wanted out of the instructions that the nail varnish provided me with. I think individually, they would be really good, but together I just think the process did not really work for me. For that I give it a 2/5.

When removing the nail varnish, I had to consider that I was taking off 4 layers. It surprisingly did come off very well. But you could feel the thickness of the amount of varnish that has to be applied to give that neon look. For this I give 4/5 for quite an easy removal.

Overall I give this nail varnish a 2.7/5.

Nail Varnish Number 5: Natural Collection Nail Colour in Shimmer Pink

11657413_10205955163491079_1528340345_nAvailable in Boots for £1.99, also available in different colours and shades. This is a little bottle that gives so much. The bottle is a very basic bottle, but for £2 you don’t want something that is particularly flashy! But with brands made by Boots tend to be well presented and reflect what they need to show. The brush is also very standard as the other nail varnishes that I have tested throughout this post. So for the brush I give 4/5.

Applying the nail varnish was quite pleasant, as the shade was quite pink, I didn’t expect it to be bright and in your face. This is actually a great shade if you are looking for that subtle colour. This was a colour that definitely needed the two coats, but for the price, you really couldn’t go wrong. A lot of people my age really would look past the Natural Collection brand as it is something you don’t see every day, but this is definitely a varnish that you might want to try if you are looking for a new product at a cheap price, this might be a good one for you. For the application and the look of the varnish I give it a 3/5.

When it comes to removing the nail varnish, this actually removed actually really easy as well. Because of the shade being quite a light subtle shade, I didn’t expect the varnish to be difficult to come off and I was right. This varnish is great if you were say going for an interview and you just want a nice colour for the day and wanting to remove it like the day after. So the removal of the varnish I give it a 4/5.

Overall I give the varnish a 3.7/5.

The rankings:

So, just putting it all into perspective I thought it was a good idea to look at a different range of varnishes, especially some that you wouldn’t expect a 22 year old to actually use, in all different shades at all different prices. For me here is the ranking from my favourite to my least favourite:

1: Rimmel Salon Pro Nail varnish in Ultra Violet

2: Bourjois Mini nail Polish in Techno Bar a Tokyo (Shade 40)

3: Natural Collection Nail Colour in Shimmer Pink

4: Nails Inc. London in Tate

5: Revlon Nail Art (Neon) in Ultra Violet

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