Jurassic World – The bad and the good

The bad

1. The characters played by Judy Greer and Bryce – Greer starts crying when her sister isn’t looking after her children, is is she forgetting her sister runs Jurassic Park? Bryce is also more interested in making money and we’re missing the caring mother role in Jurassic Park.


2. Who enters a dinosaurs territory without knowing where the dinosaur is? Surely they could have asked for the dinosaurs coordinates before entering, and the dinosaur wouldn’t have escaped at all.


3. Trying to turn a dinosaur movie into a comedy – Chris Pratt makes unsuccessful attempts to woo Byrce which results in humiliation, the kids trying to peak through the window of the vehicle to catch all the action, Bryce screaming when she knows the dinosaur will hear her. It was bordering on stupid…I didn’t laugh once.


4. The 2 kids – Despite being pointless in the film, they are also very stupid. After being told there is an emergency, they continue on the ride because they have to see everything.


5. Bryce and Pratt go to hunt the dinosaur… with a gun. A gun? Bear in mind this dinosaur has the intelligence of Einstein thanks to the labs experiments.

Despite being no character development and a sloppy narrative, it will no doubt be nostalgic for some Jurassic Park lovers and a money-making opportunity.

The good

1. Chris Pratt – Despite not coming on our screens until 30 minutes into the film (Way too long) this man isn’t just a hunk, but he also saves the day. He is pretty much the only character we care about in this movie, and the only one we are rooting for to not get eaten. He trains the little dinosaurs to play hide and seek, and has an admirable connection with the female dinosaurs. Even they can’t resist his charm!


2. The giant sphere ball – Now if this isn’t cool I don’t know what is. Driving round in a spherical vehicle within close proximity to the dinosaurs has got to give some pretty amazing sights.


3. The graphics – The huge underwater dinosaur jumping out of the water and eating the shark was definitely an eye-catching moment for us all.


4. The technology – A whole cinema of seats being driven downwards to see an underwater dinosaur is definitely something we would all like to experience.


Well, I would write a number five, but I think there were more bad things wrong with this film than good. I would rate Jurassic world 6.5/10 and probably wouldn’t waste my money on it again. Although, to be enjoyed, if you love great graphics and are a huge dinosaur fan.

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