Get that Nail Colour right!

As a girl, I have always been trying to get my nails looking good, but not all the time I can afford someone else to give me that great look. Today I was spending time quality time with my mum and I painted her nails with one of the many, many, many varnishes and surprisingly I think I did a good job, it didn’t smudge and it was actually one of my oldish varnishes.

So, it got me thinking I should share my 3 favourite tips with you to help you get that nice nail colour if your in a rush or have 10 minutes to spare in your busy schedule.

1… You think your nail varnish is watery


The nail varnish that I was using for my mum today was quite watery and we didn’t think the colour would show. But, you see some nail varnishes do have instructions that say apply 2 coats. Some people may think that there is no point in applying the two coats, but you will find that if you do apply the 2 coats it will bring the colour out. So, if you were applying bright colours and you feel that you are not going to get that bright colour the best way to get the most out of applying the two coats is to do a base coat of the particular varnish, whether it is a blue or a jade colour, apply the first coat on all the nails you are painting. Over the time it will take you to apply the first coat, it will allow each nail to dry by the time you go and apply your second coat.


2… Worried about getting nail varnish on your skin

11692871_10205935998091956_1462133514_nNot everyone is going to be perfect applying their nail varnish, especially if you are applying with the hand you don’t necessarily get it right first time, especially if you are not used to applying the nail varnish all the time (I kinda change my nail colour every week, so I’m slowly getting better). So, what I do is getting some cotton buds and some nail varnish remover, gently put the nail varnish remover on the cotton bud and carefully use it to clean off the excess nail varnish. But it would be wise to do it after your nails have dried other wise you would end up smudging it. And I know what it like to have your nails look amazing and then smudge them at the nearest opportunity.

3… Smudge Nails, but haven’t got the time to repaint.

767202341_tpAs I have just mentioned, the worst thing about perfectly done nails is smudging them at the earliest opportunity. Well I have an amazing solution. SMUDGE FIXER!!! My mum brought it for me one year and it has been my life saver. I actually have the Avon one, but doing a quick google search, you can only buy it on eBay. However, there are alternatives and they are definitely worth a try!!!

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