Our summer playlist 2015

Soaking up that sun with a few beers in the garden? Having a BBQ? Or heading off to Ibiza for the party of a lifetime?

Here’s our summer playlist that guarantees to get you in that party mood!

1. House Every Weekend – David Zowie
With lyrics like “Let myself go” and “I love you, there’s no need to fake it”, this is bound to be a summer tune! The lyrics may sound like “Ounce every weekend” which could cause a bit of a stir… but this massive party tune makes us realise just why we love clubbing so much.

2. Tough Love – Freakin Tight
With a massie 4 sentences in the lyrics, this song relies heavily on its bass and rhythm. With the video showing off various attractive women in a pool, it also shows a pervy lifeguard not being able to draw his attention away.

A bit creepy, but there’s no doubt that everyone will be getting freaky’ to this tune all summer.

3. Somebody
Personally, this is one of my favourite tracks right now. I love the beginning part of the song when she says “Natalie La Rose”, she definitely pulls off the whole “singing your name” thing better than Jason Derulo.

4. Marra Kesh & Khetama – Sunshine

A slow and jazzy version of ‘Waves’ by Mr Probz, this is the tune to relax to whilst sunbathing with a refreshing Sex On The Beach cocktail.

5. I Remember – Deadmau5 and Kaskade

It may have been released in 2008, but this progressive house track has a relaxing instrumental and is a track to be enjoyed by the pool.

6. Bad

One of my favourites this summer, this tune makes me get a warm fuzzy feeling inside.

Why does it feel so good, so good to be bad (8)

7. Eric Pryd – Tether

This track features a mix of the song ‘Tether’ by electronic band Chvurches. The video features a giant rotating cube above beautiful sceneric landscapes and is bound to hypnotise you into a world of your own. Have a listen below.

8. Pep & Rash – Rumours
Hugely pitched vocals and a deep bass makes this tune a diamond amongst the rocks and will give you the biggest eargasm. The song surprisingly has a narrative and the girl turns out to be a…very hot…vampire.

9. Bump & Grind  – Waze & Odyssey Vs R.Kelly

This tune gives off massive feel good vibes and reminds us how our body just can’t help but dance. This is no doubt one of the biggest or the BIGGEST party tune this summer…

10. Bills – LunchMoney Lewis

This is one song that’s going to get stuck in your head this summer (In a good way!). With a happy upbeat tone, you’re not going to be able to keep your feet still to this one.

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