Getting your summer colour on…

So this week I have Just finished my 2nd year at university and I am definitely ready for the summer! What better way to start that summer feel than making sure you have your summer wardrobe to get that summer feeling.

In England the pantone coloursweather is so random. One day the weather can be beautiful, sunny and hot and the next it can be pouring down with rain and you literally want to wear your scarf. But whether it is hot or not, you always want to make sure that yo have that summery feel whatever the weather.

According to Pantone, the SS15 colours are subtle, including shades of blues, pinks and oranges. The cooler softer colours are in fashion as well as the subtle warm tones.

We recommend being BOLD and BRIGHT this season, as it will definitely give you that summer feeling! I know I will be!!

Now you know the colours, here’s to finding that perfect summer dress just for you…

Read on to see my 5 favourite high street dresses!

River Island:

Coral textured bodycon midi dress £38

dress 5This is a little beauty! Whether you want to look classy, have a night on the town with the girls, or want to look summery, this is the dress for you. For only £38, you can be one of the best dressed people at such a good price. From finding the right dress, you can easily find a great pair of shoes to match, whether you want to wear sandals or a pair of white heels, you will never look out of place. If this dress is for you, we don’t recommend wearing a bold necklace, A) You wouldn’t want to snag the textured fabric and B) you don’t need it! Wear with an excellent pair of earrings or a gorgeous set of bangles.. This will do the trick!

New Look:

Jade Green Strappy Midi Dress was £19.99 now £9.99

dress 4Not all the time you want a dress that is a little in your face, sometimes you just need something that is simple, but effective. If so, this is the dress for you and even better it’s now half the price and you can get it in two different colours! I’ll be honest, I am loving this Jade Green colour, it feels so bright and it is literally screaming summer. This dress is perfect if you want to accessorise. Currently it is out of stock on the website, but make sure to chek when it is next available so you can grab it whilst you have the chance.


Figure-fit dress £24.99

dress 3Needing to look professional over the summer? But you still want to have that summery look? Then look no further! This dress is perfect if you have a meeting or a business lunch, and you will always look professional and great at the same time. Work hard, Play hard is this dress. This dress can also be perfect if you are working all day and going out for cocktails with the girls after.


Blue Roses Slinky Tunic £10.00

dress 2You simply, can’t go wrong with floral can you? Especially in summer! This is the perfect casual summer dress, perfect for that first date or that family picnic! With the 3/4 sleeves, it doesn’t even matter if the weather gets a bit dull, as your outfit definitely won’t be. But for a tenner you should definitely treat yourself to this beauty.

Miss Selfridge:

Black Strappy Slinky Bodycon Price: £28.00

DressThis wouldn’t be a typical Kim post without me talking about finding the perfect little black dress. Yes it’s summer, and sometimes you don’t want to wear black, you know because black takes in the sun’s heat, but I fell in love with this dress when I first saw it. It is simple but has plenty attention to detail, just check out the straps, not only on the front, but the back is also just as stunning.

You’re probably thinking what about the summer colours I have been banging on about, well you can find the perfect blue heels, or a pair of gorgeous orange sandals. You just simply cannot go wrong with a classic and for me this is my summer classic LBD.

There is something for everyone this summer, whether you want to splash out or keep costs to a minimum. Don’t be afraid to check out the high street, you never know what gem you might find this summer!

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