Amazing Make-Up Hacks

Have you ever wondered how someone got their eyeliner perfect or how to get that concealer spot on?

There are simple tricks that can give you that flawless make up look within seconds!

Over the past few days I have been googling all different tips and tricks and trying them out for myself and I am about to share with you my 5 favourite tricks to help you get that great flawless look.

1. The Concealer Trick!

Being a working girl, some days you will wake up with some nasty dark circles and you think you are trying everything to get rid of them? This is simply one of my favourite make up tricks, which I really could not wait for you to try out!

The trick is very simple… when applying your concealer under your eyes, shape the concealer in a triangular shape under your eye. The reason why you would shape your concealer as a triangle as the concealer would blend easier and it will give your eyes that fresher look and both your foundation and concealer won’t look so odd.

2. Foundation too dark????

FoundationI have the hardest time finding the right shade of foundation, sometimes when you are in a store and you think the shade is perfect, but then when you go home and actually take it out for a test run and realise that it’s a little too dark for your skin, you don’t want to start feeling like you have completely wasted your money.

Searching through the internet, there is something new that I was very intrigued to try. The trick is to mix your darker shade of foundation with your moisturiser, it lightens the shade up. This is a great tip, especially if you haven’t got the time to return the foundation or buy the lighter shade.

3. The perfect Matte Lips…

lipsIf you’re like me, when I apply a lipstick or a lip gloss, it needs to feel moist, not dry or sticky, but there are times where I just want my lips to not look glossy, but still feel so good! The good trick is to apply concealer on your lips before you apply the gloss.

And there you have the perfectly looking lips that will look and feel fantastic!


4. Wanna make your eyes popping???

Every wanted to make your eyes stand out? This is the perfect and yet simple trick just to give you that extra pop! All you need to do is apply a white eyeliner over your eyelid first, just before you apply the eyeshadow! Expect to be wowed!!

5. Making your cheeks blush…

blushSometimes applying blush, you always want to make sure that you can do it right. There are two tricks to make sure you can get that lovely blush glow you want when you apply your make up. One is finding the right shade for your skin tone. If you have a light skin tone, you need to find light colour blush, peaches and soft pinks will fit perfectly for your skin tone. If you have a medium skin tone you will find the darker tones like rich pink and deep peaches are better. Finally if you have a dark skin tone a tangerine, brown shades and a deep fuchsia are your colours. But everyone’s skin tone is different, don’t be afraid to try out colours to see which ones fit your better.

Next step, applying blush can be tricky, you never know if you are making it too dark or too bold. The trick to get that perfect blush look is to pull a funny face. Laugh as you will, but there are two ways in which I find effective to give you the right glow is to either pout or smile. I always pouted as it exposed my cheek bones and I was able to glide my blush brush along my cheekbone to my hair line. And when you smile, it is important to follow the same process.


There you have it! Five beauty tricks which will help you get ready a little less painful and also make you feel so much better.

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