Why you should dance yourself fit this summer!

I’ve never been much of a dancer myself, but when going to the gym and seeing my housemate, Navya, use the space to dance rather than to use the machines, I knew there must be something special about the activity. The way she moved was natural, with confidence and poise, I found myself wishing that I could dance like her.

I therefore jumped at the opportunity to interview her about why she loves to dance.

Navya says ” I wouldn’t say I couldn’t live without dance, because I could, but life would sure be a hell of a lot boring. Dancing is my passion and I can’t stop.” Navya’s inspiration and role model is Bollywood actress Madhuri Dixit who she describes as a “Graceful dancer” and she uses her technique to modernise her own moves when she free-styles.

Madhuri Dixit

When asking Navya what she loves about dance, she says “Dance can be done anywhere, in your bedroom or in an open space… And it’s free! Dance is all about passion, attitude, confidence and being expressive.”

So, if you can’t motivate yourself to go to the gym, we recommend using dance as an alternative to working out! After all, it is cardio therefore will burn off those pounds.

Our dance workout recommendations are (Which are all available on DVD):

1. Ministry Of Sound: Pump It Up! The Ultimate Dance Workout

2. Hip Hop Abs – Shaunt T

3. Urban Workout

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