Laters, baby – Get to know the S&M Goddess for yourself

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In one week, June 18th (Christian’s birthday), E.L James has promised to bring out an additional novel that shows the perspective of the kinky S&M Goddess, Christian Grey. The book, titled “Grey” will reveal the BDSM’s lovers thoughts and feelings towards virgin student, Anatasia Steele, where he fights against his feelings for her. We all know Mr Grey is un-emotional, hard to read but very intriguing, therefore there’s no doubt that the book will be very popular amongst curious women.

EL James earnings

However, the book which came out in 2011 attracted readers as young as 13, and with the plot being about a kinky-controlling-impatient S&M Goddess, do we really want youngsters reading about his thoughts? Yes it is fiction, but it gives the impression that this man is the ideal role model for a “healthy” relationship.

I was patient enough to get through the first, and 2/3’s of the second book, however I was immensely bored with the repetitive sex scenes and un-entertaining narrative.

With popular quotes from Mr Grey being “I’m 50 shades of f****d up, Anastasia”, “Firstly, I don’t make love, I f**k.” “Yes, I’m rich get used to it.”, who knows what thoughts we will be reading about in E.L James new book.

But will it be as big as the trilogy? There are no plans as of yet to turn it into a film but with the success of the first set of books, there may be room for a money-making opportunity.

Will I read this? Who knows.. Maybe if its on offer at WHSmith.

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