What we think of Shaun T’s abs


Shaun T who? If you’re into fitness and haven’t heard of Shaun T by now, I’ll assume you’ve been hiding under a rock.

The DVD? His all-dance hip hop workout DVD helps you achieve sexy abs by STANDING UP. Yeah that’s right, no crunches or sit ups! You can dance those pounds away whilst having fun and shaking that booty. All you need to do is press play… (Well, not literally), that’d be a bit too easy…

The technique? Shaun’s technique of Tilt..Tuck..Tighten helps you to burn fat and get a tighter stomach. At first, the moves may seem as challenging if you’re not a natural at busting moves, but after a week your confidence will increase and the moves will become second nature. At the end of the workout, you’ll feel your abs burning and know you’re on your way to getting that 6 pack!

Hannah’s Progress? On my third week of Hip Hop Abs, eating relatively healthy, and I am seeing a big change.

Where to buy? Purchase Hip Hop Abs at http://www.beachbody.co.uk for just £19.95 + £6.95 postage or on Amazon for £26.90.

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