6 reasons to get off your butt and work out

1. A sexy bum. Looking good isn’t just for the gym.. Having that great shaped bum on a night out will leave you feeling confident enough to bust those moves on the dancefloor. Nobody wants to look like a pancake…

2. It makes you feel happy. Working out releases things called endorphins and has the same effect as morphene, making you feel more positive. It is known to fight depression and unhappiness, meaning exercise could be seen as a drug…

3. You’ll walk down the street like your the sexiest person going. Working out increases confidence, which will give you that confidence to walk down the street like you’re Beyoncé…

4. The crowd of hot guys. Let’s face it, we’ve all seen the disastrously un-attractive men on a night out, therefore you’ll be surprised when you see the flock of men turning your head in the gym. Watch out, boys!

5. A way of socialising. What better way to socialise and have a good natter with your friend than to burn that fat and get the body you have always desired. Whether it’s talking about what you’re having for tea, or the guy you pulled the other night.. It’s a great way to have a gossip without putting on the calories a bottle of wine would accomplish.

6. You’ll be able to run for that bus and catch it this time. It’s never a pretty sight when you’ve been running like you’re in a marathon, are out of breath, have messed up your hair and to top it all off, have missed your bus. Getting fit will mean you’ll be able to run that extra bit quicker.. and maybe catch that bus this time!  

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